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Focus On Customers, Open Innovation

Technical Direction

Intelligent factory: intelligent storage, intelligent workshop, intelligent quality control, intelligent traceability management

Research And Development System

  • Research Institute

    Committed to cutting-edge research, grasp the world's most advanced technology

  • Technology Center

    Devotes to the application research, the most advanced technology will be applied to the product quickly, directly enhances the product force

  • Engineering Center

    Direct service to customers, with a strong technical solution to the customer's real pain point

  • Grasp The Frontier

    Establish an in-depth communication and exchange mechanism with top experts from Japan and South Korean to master the most cutting-edge technology in the industry.

  • Vertical And Horizontal

    Work with institutions of higher learning and research institutes to tackle major industry issues and develop leading products with high-end customers.

  • Resource Guarantee

    Invest 6% of sales revenue in technology research and development every year.

  • Effective Incentives

    We will establish a sound incentive mechanism for innovation and fully stimulate the potential of technical personnel.